Tuesday, June 23, 2009

25 things about the the divine miss m.

copied from facebook.

1. in the space of 6 years, purely by chance and fate, i have worked in a Greek mafia pizzeria where everything we had fell off the truck, a PLO supporting Palestinian diner where my boss had an intifada tattoo that said "jerusalem is ours", and a IRA supporting irish pub where i really felt job security and love only after my boss had on a balaklava and i had on an al al queda style desert do rag while weilding a hurling stick and we laughed till we cried.

2. i have broken an arm, my nose and finger. i dont have a spleen cus it ruptured, ive dislocated my knee and my shoulder and sprained both ankles enough to not remember how many times exactly. ive even bruised my pancreas. how the hell do you bruise a pancreas? i know the names of and recognize many of the staff at brick and paul kimball hospitals.

3. ive been a vegeterian for 11 years. in that time ive eaten one slice of peperoni pizza, for myself because i was starving, one buffalo wing for andy scarpulla, and one choripan for the respect and love of the nation of argentina.

4. bicycles are my worst enemies. the last two times i rode one i crashed. one of the times into a cop car.

5. i blame being adopted and being an only child for the faliure of all my relationships. i also blame it for not being afraid of being alone.

6. i have a hard time making friends with girls not because i dont like them but because for some weird reasons its hard to talk to them about black and white war movies, early 80's new york hardcore, tools and history.

7. every year for halloween im either a zombie or a skeleton. and not one year has passed where i didnt carve a pumpkin.

8. i think the rolling stones and the pogues are the best bands in the world ever.

9. the things i miss most about the united states are : manners, black people, mexican construction workers, ranch dressing, kc masterpiece barbacue sauce, franks red hot, and really bad pizza. in no particular order.

10. im not afraid to drive for over 21 hours straight, alone. with out the help of unnatrual substances.

11. which leads me to say ive wrecked a 1991 mitsubishi mirage, a 1988 toyota camry and 1988 pontiac bonneville. i also ran a 1986 cheep cherokee into the ground after it was stolen, and currently own a 2000 plymouth neon.

12. since ive been in barcelona ive had stolen: one nikon d100 digital camera, a lomo colorsplash camera, one holga, 2 nikon telephoto lenses, one fixed and one otherwise, 40 dvd's, 30 polaroid pictures, one ipod, one pair of headphones, 3 cell phones, the book with all my phone numbers, my new jersey drivers lisence, a pair of roller skates, a winter coat, my house keys (2), half a metro ticket, 15 euros, a pair of argentinian fake converse, and h&m hoodie, my black pair of fingereless gloves, my drawing notebook, a wallet with some hashish in it, a bottle of sweet chile sauce and two packets of ramen. oh and a barack obama 2009 button.

13. in my 5 years in philadelphia ive only been mugged at gunpoint and lost 400 dollars and had my car stolen, which i later found.

14. once i spent an entire winter in a room with 2 out of the 5 windows busted out. i then lit the sleeve of my shirt on fire cus i was typing too close to a giant candle to keep my hands warm.

15. ive been a illegal immigrant for two and a half years.

16. i went to college for two semesters. and probably will never go back.

17. im obsessed with plucking my eyebrows. its very theraputic.

18. i no longer have "no police record"

19. when i get angry i forget that i weigh 118 pounds. often forgetting any regaurd for my physical well being. like when i confronted 6 moroccan men, bare handed, on a street corner at 2 am on a monday. relax sara. and shut your fucking mouth.

20. i say terrible things all the time just to make people uncomfortable. theres deffinatley people out there that think im a sexist, racist, perverted, nazi, baby hating, drug addict, nationalist, terrorist, whore. but im not.

21. ive always hung out with the wrong crowd.

22. i am from new jersey and therefore i love bruce springsteen. who is my personal god.

23. i love photography.

24. i love talking to strangers.

25. i like talking about myself. and i dont like spell check. my mistakes are part of who i am.

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